Alcohol and Other Drugs

Since the end of prohibition in the beginning of last century, alcohol consumption has become a generally accepted form of social behavior. Other drugs such as marijuana, psychedelics and harder drugs remain illegal, yet there is evidence to suggest alcohol consumption is just as dangerous as some illegal drugs, if not more so. Many deaths caused by car accidents are the result of driving under the influence. While a DUI attorney in Miami might be able to help you reduce the sentence of an alcohol related charge, a DUI lawyer in Miami won’t be much use if you are caught with possession of an illegal substance.

It is of course disingenuous to state that the most dangerous drugs are alcohol and tobacco due to the fact that they kill the most people. While this is true, it is obviously because alcohol and tobacco are the two most popular drugs due to their legality. Despite this, it has been stated previously that if tobacco and alcohol were introduced today as new drugs, they would be made illegal due to the effects they have on the body.

The effects of alcohol are easy to recognize for anyone who has had more than a couple of drinks. The damage to the brain, kidney and self-esteem of a person who has drunk too much alcohol can be felt the day after in the inevitable hangover, the body’s reminder that alcohol is a poison. That is not exaggeration, alcohol is an actual poison, and being drunk is the body’s allergic reaction to this unwanted chemical in the body.

The effects of tobacco are not as easily noticeable to those who are addicted. The one negative aspect of tobacco that is most easily recognizable is its addictiveness. It’s been stated that tobacco may even be more addictive than heroin.
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Such a statement might seem over the top, but if you have known a regular smoker who has been trying to quit, or if you have been one yourself, you will know the willpower it takes to give up nicotine for good. So many products are currently available to help people quit smoking, from patches to support groups to meditation techniques, yet smokers will often tell you they’ve tried to give up a number of times, unsuccessfully.

The more popular, and more dangerous, drugs in use today include recreational drugs. These include ecstasy, crystal methamphetamine, speed and cocaine. These drugs provide a real “high” to the user, giving them feelings of elation, a connectedness with everything around them and heightened levels of energy. Of course, the flipside of this is the “crash” that comes afterwards, which can be far worse than the hangover from alcohol, and is often accompanied by a strong desire to take more drugs.

In previous generations, psychedelic drugs were seen as the trendy thing to do. Drugs like marijuana, LSD and “magic” mushrooms inspired a generation of artists, musicians and filmmakers, yet also led to the premature deaths of many of these performers.

Drugs are without doubt highly dangerous, and should be taken with extreme care, if at all. To say that alcohol and tobacco are somehow safer than illegal drugs simply because the law determines we are allowed to have them is to make a grave mistake, as they contain chemicals that can be just as addictive and damaging to our well-being.

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