Standard Poodle – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Standard Poodles

Breed DescriptionA medium-to-large sized breed, the Standard Poodle is well-proportioned and long-legged. This breed weighs around 45-70 pounds, and stands 15-24 inches tall in height.
CoatThe Standard Poodle has a dense and harsh coat, wither corded or curly. Their color comes in solid silver, gray, cream, black, blue, red, white, brown, apricot, and cafe-au-lait. Parti-patterned may also appear, but unaccepted in show rings.
ActivityThe Standard Poodle requires a lot of exercise and will do best in a suburban rather than urban dwelling. This breed goes back to its original purpose as water retriever, skillfully competing in trials.
TemperamentThe sensitive, lively, and elegant Standard Poodle bonds closely with a family and makes an excellent companion. Among the most popular breeds in the world, the Standard Poodle is a graceful, smart, and obedient dog that is usually bouncy, proud, and eager to play. They are slightly calmer and are less likely to bark compared to that of the Miniature and Toy Poodle. These dogs will get along great with other animals, dogs, and children.
OverviewThe Standard Poodle is among the oldest of the Poodles. Originally bred to be water dogs retrieving game fowl, this breed has also been equally valued by royalty and gypsies. Reputed to be a fine companion, these versatile dogs have mastered a lot of tasks and trades for centuries.
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